A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Join Morgan and friends for a skate sesh at the warehouse. Talk up all the animal ladies too. Show off your skills and unlock more animal ladies on skateboards. Awesome fun!

Plays like a Tony Hawk game. A controller is recommended. Supports most controllers as long as you have drivers. 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tagsskateboard, Skating
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsXbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller


morgans_skate_club_v004_Windows.zip 567 MB
morgans_skate_club_v004_Linux.tar.gz 576 MB

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for mac i download it says damaged

which i am sad about cause i like the style

Found this on the weirdest of places. Also, did you know the PS4 controller buttons show up for a split second then gets replaced with the XBOX ones somehow?


This game is pretty baller.

Hope this ends up as fun as Thug2 was when the bugs get fixed

Fantastic, Pick a character then return to the character menu.

Also my favourite diagonal skating. 

Slope bail bug fix and functioning manuals soon. 

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Ok, I'll just add a couple more: If you "die" when mission timer at 0:00 this dialogue will stuck forever and reapeats after pressing F. You still can move freely. After next "death" it stops... and repeats after starting another conversation. It even allows to move in pause menu.

And you probably know about the mission showing you that you need 100.000 points at first, but you actually need only 10.000... and about 6 FPS at Warehouse.

Hello. Sorry about the bugs. I am aware of them. As of late, I've currently been adding a few fixes and features to the game, including but not limited to a re-worked and very efficient character select screen. All of the double hover problems and such will be gone soon. Not sure about it's exact ETA but youre more than free to follow to keep track. Thanks for playing!


So fun! Avril is my favorite character.


yOOOOO, skateboardin


Uhm how do i enable c h e a t s ?


Could you perhaps add resolution selection to the settings? The game's running at buttery smooth 3 fps for me and I know for a fact that the antedilluvian office laptop I'm using cannot handle running any leisure software in the resolution of the monitor plugged to it. Give me something like 400X320 or at least 800x600 and maybe it'll handle it in a capacity arbitrarily approaching something close to allowing appreciation towards your craft. The soundtrack's already enjoyable though.

Sure, I'll try to fit that change in for the next update. For the time being, you can resize the window to change the resolution hahahah. Make sure godrays are off.

I resized the window to half the size and lo and behold, the game started running at twice the speed (so 6 fps). The godrays were off by default.

Hello. After testing the game on a thinkpad t420 with an nvs 4200, I can confirm that the warehouse does not run well, however, test park was playable with at least a halfed sized window. The warehouse has many trees so your computer is probably having a hard time processing all of the polys. Most objects in the game are already low poly, but I'll look into optimization for the warehouse trees instances and future levels. Low to moderately beefy hardware is the minimum recommendation. I'm currently in the works on a few bug fixes that I can hopefully deliver soon. Sorry about the time being, but thanks for playing!

Okay, I looked through the log thing in the other window and there seems to be a fair bit of red. I don't really know what to do with it, so I'll dump the pics here. 1/5









Oh hey my new favourite game


based and skatepilled